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February 20th
John told me today that the first time he ever saw me, he thought I looked just like Kate Winslet. Is that a good thing?

February 19th
Found the underware, but they only had zebra print, so they will have to do. I do hope that Brad and Jennifer will be able to make it to the wedding. I sent them an invite down in Hollywood and still haven't heard back. Maybe I'll call them later and see if they are on location or something. It would mean so much to me if they could come. I really want them to meet John.
Talked to the flower people today and it looks like the giant palm trees I ordered are not going to get in on time. #!*%. They won't even refund my money. It was the risk I took with ordering so late. I guess I can donate them to the city for the rest of Market St.

February 18th
I decided to wear faux fur leopard print underware under my dress. Now I just need to find them.

February 10
The sky looks so lovely right now, I can't help but think about the time John and I joined the mile high club in clouds like these. Memories....

February 2nd
Met with the Ninjas earlier to talk wedding plans. Shit, there sure is alot to do. And these characters I now have invoved...what a bunch of...well...you know. No one seemed to jump at my catsuit idea, oh well. The girls think I should ride in on a camel, to symbolize how John and my love can endure all hardships, but I don't think the zoo rents animals. I will have to call tomorrow.
John picked me up after the gathering, I told him we should run off to Vegas. He gave me that 'look' and I shut up. Until later...

March 21, 2003
Wait a minute, am I not supposed to wear a RING?

March 20, 2003
Ohmigod - I am engaged!!!!!!!!!!!! Slap me hard. Harder. HARDER!!!
I can't believe it. John proposed last night.
I am discovering a whole new chakra.
A always know I'd be married. Someday. But it was always so far away. John is not exactly the character who brings it imminently closer.
He can be such a sweet man. Well, he is a man. But he is at his sweetest when he is a sissy.
We went out for a coffee last nite. And I was in a pissy mood. And if it shows, I have to be VERY pissy. We had to listen to Mr. Bush declaring war, taking care of oil business for his corporate friends and famliy. And our president is such an awful speaker! It hurts so much more because I LOVE public speaking!! If he had been in my speaking class, would I have done any good to him? Maybe I could have used him as a bad example. But then again ... I don't do that.
So I was pretty droopy, but I didn't want to tell John about it. He gets always so excited when I get upset. Combine that with the coffee he had that night - when is a princess to get her beauty sleep??
So we have been sitting there for a while - I was watching an old lady through the window, trying to untie her little puppy from the parking meter, holding champagne bottles in both her hands (cheap champage - yuck). I swear that went on for almost half an hour. Then, out of nowhere, John proposed! To me!! Just like that. I love him so much. I love the way he talks - especially when proposing, duh. His voice is so comforting, I just want to crawl up in his voice.
Of source, I had to do some on-the-spot due diligence about his sincerity before I accepted. We're in heaven. I didn't get my beauty sleep after all.


March 28 28
While peeing down from the Trib tower during a creative break today, I was contemplating about how my life has changed. How should it feel when you're engaged? Something is missing. Then it dawned on me: the ring!

March 25
I was bad last week. I proposed.
Yup, here I am, an engaged man. I am the Man!
I AM the man.
I don't remember exactly how it happened. It's a little bit hazy. Since then, I may have lost quite a few brain cells - my thighs are still burning. What is it about women that gets them so horny about getting married?
Anyway, we were out that night. I think I had too much caffeine. Then our prez had the big speech on tv about taking on his big rival Saddam. We were at war. Christina's was so bummed out, she just stared and sucked on the spoon. Here I was, the gun lover, and she, the peacenik. All of a sudden there was imminent danger that I could be considered being triumphant in the camp of the war mongers. Not good for our relationship. As her face grew longer, I had to do something. Something drastic. So I heard those words coming out of my mouth. I don't recall exactly how she said yes, or if she said yes, for that matter. All I remember, we were very happy. Never mind the damn war.
And yes, I was meant to marry her. Ever since I had been in that corset for the first time, I knew that she's the one.
What am I doing? I am writing this in a journal? That is so not me. What's happening to me? But then gain, I am a writer. A WRITER.
And now I am the Man.



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